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An old elevated train track in downtown Rotterdam is being redeveloped as a commercial strip and elevated park. City heating can easily be integrated in the design thereby connecting the Rotterdam Airport and developments around it to the city district-heating network. In this manner, industrial waste heat can be used to warm the pre-war buildings along this trajectory, thereby radically reducing their CO2 footprint.

article Archello
The principle of cascading the heat is used. The pre-war structures can be warmed using 90˚ water (using radiators), the water that comes out at 60˚ can be used for urban agriculture in greenhouses, in turn the 40˚ water from this process can be used for new buildings with concrete core activation. Finally, the remaining water at 25˚ can be used for heating the outdoor pool ontop of the viaduct. This strategy can radically reduce CO2 footprints in existing urban fabrics.
Rotterdam Climate Initiative
Rotterdam, Netherlands
4 km mixed use,roof park, integration of city heating in the roof scape
sketch design 2009
Duzan Doepel, Eline Strijkers with Kees Besterveld, Lieke Genten, Firas Abou Fakher and Maxime Sollier
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