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What is the role of an interior in a monument which is renovated according to the principles of passive building? How to create transparency and a relation with the environment in a volume that is maximal isolated and even separated of the outside space?

A studio house is realized in a formal Latin school in Middelburg. The complex consists of three building volumes that have little in common nor have a lot of interaction with the outside space. The interventions are aiming for creating more open space, the optimalisation of daylight, spatial connections and continuity. The walls in the hall of the living area are replaced by glass and removed in the work space hall. By doing this, openess and continuity between the spaces according to the passive building principles is created, despite the closed character of the existing building.

To emphasize the binding between the building volumes, a spatial element is placed in the hall zones in which storage and related house and office functions are integrated.
redevelopment of a schoolbuilding into a studio house according to passive building principles
realised 2010
700 m2
RDH Middelburg
private sector
design interior architecture
Duzan Doepel, Eline Strijkers with Marc Joubert , Esther Stam, Chantal Vos, Lieke Genten, Melanie Braat
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