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Climate neutral district - Closed energy, water and waste cycles

The challenges of climate change are seen as a chance to instigate the transition of the Stadshavens Rotterdam 1600 ha from a fossil based to a renewable based economy. The ultimate ambition is to achieve a sustainable harbour intrinsically connected to the surroundĀ¬ing city and characterised by a high quality of life in ecological, social and sustainable terms.
The Rotterdam Climate Campus was launched in November 2008 to start this process of transiĀ¬tion. A sustainability standard comprising ten qualitative and quantitative indicators, forms the basis set of criteria for all developments in the region. The synergy between innovation and district development will make the Rotterdam Climate Campus, city harbour and the region Delft-Rotterdam the locus of innovation and generation of knowledge in northwest Europe.
LOCATION:Rotterdam, the Netherlands
mixed use urban development
development of a sustainable transition framework and sustainability standard
1st phase 2009
project size
1600 ha
Stadshavens Rotterdam
Duzan Doepel, Eline Strijkers with Kees Besterveld, Maxime Sollier, Lieke Genten, Esther Stam, Chantal Vos i.c.w. Nico Tillie
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