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The SeaWing is a multifunctional floating platform that makes optimal use of the sea. On the one hand, the SeaWing functions as an energy power plant, generating green energy from the movement of waves and wind. On the other, it functions as a floating basin for the production of new forms of mari culture. Besides this, the SeaWing provides possibilities for recreation and education. In larger quantities and coupled in the correct fashion, the SeaWing could fulfill and important coastal safety function, in the form of a linear wave breaker along the Dutch coastline.

In essence, the SeaWing is a floating basin filled with sea water. The form of the floating tank-like elements permits the waves to break over the structure, thereby continually refreshing the basins and simultaneously driving the turbines in the lower part of the hull. Wave energy is transformed into electrical energy in this manner. A wind-curtain comprising of vertical axis wind turbines generates supplementary electrical energy. This green energy is used for moving the platform, for the running of installations on the platform and as an energy source for new forms of fish and shellfish production. Food is produced onboard for these organisms in the form of micro bacteria that feed on hydrogen. Hydrogen is generated by splitting water molecules through electrolysis using the green wave energy from the sea.
North Sea
Offshore wind park, ocean farm and information centre
Concept development and design for multifunctional floating offshore wind park
Concept development 2003, sketch design 2007
project size
Plant Research International, WUR
Winner of the North Sea Days Innovation Prize, 2003
Dr. ir. Jan J.M.H. Ketelaars, Plant Research International, WUR
Duzan Doepel in collaboration with Dr. ir. Jan J.M.H. Ketelaars
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