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An existing pond is transformed into a dynamic public space by creating an ecological swimming pool that purifies water. Visitors see mitigation and adaptation strategies at different scales during their visit to the NAi. Reducing energy demand through green roofs, the exchange of heat and cold, and the production of renewable energy are an integral part of the climate square concept.
On a larger scale, the climate square addresses the city's ambitions with regard to public space. The inaccessible pond is transformed into a usable public space. The green roof and vegetation in the water contribute to the green ambitions of the city and the improved image quality and use of public space.

The public space is conceived as a series of three interconnected pools. A lava stone basin and wetland filters the rain and grey water from the building. This flows into the large toddler pool, clad in white marble. From this basin the water is pumped up into a deeper pool, with a 25m width for swimming laps. Edible green is integrated in the wetland and is easy to harvest for direct consumption in the two restaurants.
Rotterdam, Netherlands
2600m2 ecological swimming pool and sustainability strategy
preliminary design 2010
Duzan Doepel, Eline Strijkers met Lieke Genten, Eva Chatzipetru
Vincent Kuypers (Alterra), Daniel Goedbloed (Gemeentewerken), Monique Marijnissen (dS+V), Machiel van Dorst (TU Delft), Peter Mensinga (ARUP)
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