Dutch Windwheel Mockup - Building As A Service

Dutch Windwheel Mockup


Dutch Windwheel Mockup - Smart Building as a service

The Dutch Windwheel Innovation Program Foundation and its partners invite interested parties to view the Mock-up and its "smart building as a service" innovations in Blijdorp Zoo. The Dutch Windwheel project: "Smart Spaces as a Service" received financial support last year from the IPC (Innovation Performance Contract) South Holland scheme. The project also received a Greendeal Dutch Windwheel. With the deal, governments have accelerated the development of this Rotterdam icon for energy transition and technological innovation. Last year, the Dutch Windwheel Consortium, together with partners from the Windwheel Innovation Program and with eleven SMEs, created a smart, circular and flexible office, hotel and living space. Hereby, companies from the interior design industry worked together with technology companies that specialize in sensors and IT.
In 2015, The Dutch Windwheel Corporation presented the plans for a fully sustainable iconic building. Now, four years later, the Dutch Windwheel Innovation Program Foundation and its partners invite interested parties to view the mock-up and its "smart building as a service" innovations in Blijdorp Zoo. It is a demonstration and testing laboratory for some of the solutions the Dutch Windwheel will integrate into the building, such as a climate facade and which produces energy.

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The mock-up measures 7.5 x 7.5 meters and will prove an interesting experience for anyone involved in progressive architecture and resilient building. The architectural office and its partners looked beyond the design and simply the energetic performance. The mock-up is built from a biobased flexible wooden building system. The aim is to create a healthy environment and build in a circular fashion. Even the installations are adaptable through the use of the flexible floor system. In addition, there is a circular water system with integrated green wall in the winter garden linked to a ecological external water filter.

Smart sensoring

Two research directions have been worked out. The first is "smart sensoring & control"; The energy performance of the building is improved by continuously collecting data. This is achieved by, among other things, energy and data generating windows, energy producing tiles, louvers that provide extra energy behind the glass and slats that rotate with the sun as a sunblind. The sensors are part of a sensor network that monitors and controls the indoor climate. In addition, they provide information to a digital interactive platform to realize an ideal working environment for the building and the users. The second area of research is "interior as a service". Products remain the property of the supplier and are only paid for in use. Material innovations are explored within this cluster. Think of a lightweight carbon fibre ceiling system, a sanitary unit made of air-purifying material with integrated sensors and walls and objects constructed from a circular modular 3D click system, so that interior adjustments can be made easily in the future.

New goals

Over the past few years, the initiators have increasingly adjusted their goals. In the meantime, not only the interior has been leased, the fa├žade has also become a "service element". In addition, the WELL standard has been embraced. This is a tool to map the health of the building from construction to operation. This comprehensive international standard also includes air, water, nutrition and light in the assessment, because these aspects positively influence comfort, vitality and a mental health.


The opening of the Mock-up on 24 September in Blijdorp is also the official completion of the Green Deal innovation project. Work will continue on the innovations defined by the IPC partners in the coming year. The implemented current state of the innovations will be tested and improved. But The Dutch Windwheel goes further. Within the Green Deal, a location survey is being conducted and the team will present the future plans at the end of October.
Blijdorp Zoo, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Realisation 2019
56m2 apartment
design and coordination
Dutch Windwheel Corporation and MVRO
PNO, CBM, Diergaarde Blijdorp
partners ipc
DoepelStrijkers, Coors & Kok, Solid Factory, Studio Wynd, Energy Floors, Kindow, Mapiq, Physee, Quantified Air, Wellsun
additional partners
Barli, Maskerade, Fermacell, Spie, Alkondor, Kewodak, Van der Tol Groep, AA Lease, Cooloo
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