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spar spa
Glass house office
Flow Diagram: Glass House Office
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Flow Diagram: Spar Spa
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Four new building typologies that utilize the negative aspects of infrastructure like noise and C02 by converting them into production landscapes.
According to the statistics of the Central Bureau for Statistics (1988) infrastructure occupies 3% of the total surface area of the Netherlands. The regulations pertaining to the protection of the environment however, increase this area by a factor of ten to 30%, the spatial impact is therefor much greater than at first imagined. Because this 30% is subject to strict regulation, this area can only be utilized by a select number of programs. It would be interesting to imagine what kind of developments and programs would be possible if the different products of infrastructure did not function as a hindrance.
Wave Circuit (housing), Spa Spar (hotel), Greenhouse Office (office) BP Willow (tank station). Development of architectural typologies that transform negative by-products of infrastructure into usable forms
Thesis project, Academy of Architecture Rotterdam, 1999
Jago van Bergen, Duzan Doepel and Willemijn Lofvers
Winner of the Innovation Prize at the 1st Architecture Biƫnnale Rotterdam 2003
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