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Spring House


An old factory is converted into a lab and salon with restaurant, flexible work space and rooftop atelier.

interview Duzan Doepel on website Stadsleven
A new work and meeting concept is being developed for the Ruyterkade (next to central station) in Amsterdam. Bright New House is the place where radical innovators converge. It is a working environment, lab and salon where individuals and groups collaborate. Together they develop new strategies, concepts and projects that contribute to solving todays and tomorrows societal challenges.
A new ground floor restaurant is connected to the first floor lounge and workspace. The roof is transformed by adding a lightweight steel and glass atelier that penetrates the structure linking the third and rooftop levels with large voids. The glass chimney is used to create natural ventilation and passive cooling in the summer and gives this small structure it’s iconic value.
de Ruyterkade BV
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1400m2 with 300m2 rooftop extention
Realised 2015
Duzan Doepel, Eline Strijkers with Kasper Zoet, Ton Wandel, John Rous, Alex Haider, Philippe Benoit, Dan Purice
Muller van Tol
project management
Stone 22
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