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Nationaal Onderwijs Museum (NOM)


Organisational structures of seemingly unrelated organisations such as the Ikea, the Efteling and Wikipedia are projected on the current museum building of the Nationaal Education Museum (NOM) in order to generate a vision for the future of the museum, free from preconceptions of what a museum should be.

The organisational structure of Wikipedia suits both the building and the manner in which the museum operates in relation to volunteers. A skybox, supported on the extended lift, stair and escalator cores simultaneously provides the extra space the museum needs whilst making the museum more recognisable.
Nationaal Onderwijs Museum
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
5.000 m2 renovation and 2.000 m2 extension, internal reorganisation of program and architectural design for building extension
sketch design 2006
Duzan Doepel, Jan Konings with Sabine Bricard, Elsbeth Ronner
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