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This temporary pavilion for the World Cities Pop-up Expo in Edinburgh portrays Rotterdam's innovative approach to water management and climate adaptation. The pavilion illustrates in a playful manner how the city of Rotterdam is dealing with the effects of climate change. #Rotterdamwatershed is used to activate different social media channels where innovative climate adaptation projects in the Rotterdam region can be seen.

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Rotterdam is famous for it’s innovative concepts relating to climate adaptation and mitigation. Urban development with maximal social and ecological benefits has become part of the cities sustainable approach over the last decade.
#Rotterdamwatershed is a pop-up pavilion that portrays this in a playful manner. 2400 recycled pvc rainwater pipes are used to create this shed-like structure. Half of the pipes are closed off on the outside with plants, the other half on the inside with pvc caps. When it rains the installation captures rainwater and releases it slowly through small holes in the pvc caps. The water is collected in the base of the structure in a pond with stepping-stones. The saved material costs by using second hand pvc pipes makes it possible employ people with poor job prospects for part of the production process thereby creating social return.
City of Rotterdam
Edinburgh, Scotland
25 m2 Pavilion
Realised 2016
digital layer
Interaction Design, Rotterdam
Van der Tol BV., Berkel & Rodenrijs
location contractor
Oranje BV., Rotterdam
Duzan Doepel, Eline Strijkers with Mikolai Brus, Riekie Brokking and Jaap van Dijk
social component
Magis 010, Rotterdam
3dok, Rotterdam
IMD, Rotterdam
Monseigneur Madhatter Photography
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