The beauty of our profession is the ability to respond to the specifics of a place and culture. To dive deep into local conditions and challenges and find tailor-made design solutions.
Circl interiors ABN AMRO, Amsterdam
Slem, Waalwijk
Westerpark west Building, Amsterdam
Proof stand Orgatec 2018, Cologne
Kamp Vught, Vught
Stills, Amsterdam
Dutch Windwheel
Haka, Rotterdam
Parksite, Amsterdam
Road to van Eyck, Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam
SPRMRKT STH, Amsterdam
Watershed, World Cities Expo, Edinburgh
Springhouse, Amsterdam
Fort Vijfhuizen, Vijfhuizen


Prooff Orgatec

For the Prooff stand on the Orgatec 2018 Fair in Cologne, DoepelStrijkers designed a stand which is based on the effects of external influences. An environment in which contemplation is charged by connecting together inside and outside experience and thus man and nature. Light and change are the key elements in the concept of the stand. The light that refers to the changing light during the season and how you experience light during the day. This animated changing of the light on the stand creates an environment which, like nature, is never static. The stand is moving and adapting just like nature. Wellbeing at work is a big topic these days. Spaces where change can be experienced, such as that experienced in nature, reduced stress and promoted productivity. These non-sensori stimuli are extrapolated by constantly changing light and highly reflective materials. With this the terms 'reflection' and 'movement' are present both literally and figuratively in the stand. Publication on Archello Publication on AIT Publication on Getlink Publication on CLF Lighting Publication on IndesignLive

Circl Interiors

DoepelStrijkers designed the interior of 'Circl', a pavilion initiated by ABN AMRO, based on the principles of the circular economy. The spatial concept focuses on flexibility and adaptability, and showcases current possibilities for sustainable innovations in an interior through 5 different material and object approaches: reuse 1:1, reuse + remanufacture, recycle, reusable and object as a service.

Residential building with wintergardens

DoepelStrijkers has designed a 4500m2 residential building with wintergardens in Amsterdam for Pinnacle. The nine layered building, comprising of 40 apartments, is situated above an existing parking garage and falls under the master plan designed by MVRDV. The building is characterized by it’s stepped façade and winter gardens on the east and west facades. This flexible outdoor space functions as a climate zone, optimising its use the whole year round. 


This temporary pavilion for the World Cities Pop-up Expo in Edinburgh portrays Rotterdam's innovative approach to water management and climate adaptation. The pavilion illustrates in a playful manner how the city of Rotterdam is dealing with the effects of climate change. #Rotterdamwatershed is used to activate different social media channels where innovative climate adaptation projects in the Rotterdam region can be seen. Rotterdam is famous for it’s innovative concepts relating to climate adaptation and mitigation. Urban development with maximal social and ecological benefits has become part of the cities sustainable approach over the last decade. #Rotterdamwatershed is a pop-up pavilion that portrays this in a playful manner. 2400 recycled pvc rainwater pipes are used to create this shed-like structure. Half of the pipes are closed off on the outside with plants, the other half on the inside with pvc caps. When it rains the installation captures rainwater and releases it slowly through small holes in the pvc caps. The water is collected in the base of the structure in a pond with stepping-stones. The saved material costs by using second hand pvc pipes makes it possible employ people with poor job prospects for part of the production process thereby creating social return.


SubZero is a landmark building on the Floriade terrain where businesses, students and research institutions develop crossover innovations around the themes of nutrition, health and wellbeing.Flevoland is the largest polder in the Netherlands where people live and work on an average of five meters below sea level. The pavilion portrays this in a unique way. A five-meter thick layer of this fertile ground is lifted up to the sea level, hence the name SubZero. The space underneath this earth layer is enclosed by a reflective façade creating the illusion that the mass floats effortlessly above the ground. Once per day at high tide, a cloud of water vapour up to the sea level line is generated to water the plants on the plot and elevated rooftop. In so doing, a link is made to the sea and related themes like climate change, the subsiding earth and increasing salt content of the polder. During the Floriade in 2022, the Innovation Workshop will function as the Flevoland Pavilion. Here visitors can see and experience the innovations that have been developed in the period leading up to the Floriade.


A claustrophobic concrete passageway is transformed into a permanent exhibition depicting the role of the fortification of Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Europe. The 13 meter long and 3 meter hallway is a curious intervention in the Fort, making the whole intrinsic function of the Fort redundant by opening up a passageway for 'the enemy'. This, together with the already outdated concept of a fort upon completion were starting points for the design. 18 pivoting mirrors divide the passage into three rooms and open up the claustrophobic interior connecting it to the outside. Each mirror is fully laser engraved with specially designed maps that depict the landscape of war.

New village

Designed from the inside-out with a user centered approach, this apartment building and innovation center will help train people with a disability to regain control of their lives.

Spring House

An old factory is converted into a lab and salon with restaurant, flexible work space and rooftop atelier. A new work and meeting concept is being developed for the Ruyterkade (next to central station) in Amsterdam. Bright New House is the place where radical innovators converge. It is a working environment, lab and salon where individuals and groups collaborate. Together they develop new strategies, concepts and projects that contribute to solving todays and tomorrows societal challenges. A new ground floor restaurant is connected to the first floor lounge and workspace. The roof is transformed by adding a lightweight steel and glass atelier that penetrates the structure linking the third and rooftop levels with large voids. The glass chimney is used to create natural ventilation and passive cooling in the summer and gives this small structure it’s iconic value.

Dutch Windwheel

The Dutch Windwheel is an architectural landmark, innovative windmill and unprecedented attraction. It responds to the increasing flow of tourists to Rotterdam and the transition to a Clean Tech economy.


Transformation of the old city hall into a temporary Shoe, Leather, Education facility and Museum. SLEM is a project which responds to a number of acute societal issues. The strategic design intervention generates a strong visual identity for SLEM and added social, economic and ecological value. The project is organised to encourage local participation for both the implementation and exploitation phase.

The road to Van Eyck

“The road to Van Eyck” highlights how and by whom Jan van Eyck was inspired to create his revolutionary and realistic style. Doepel Strijkers made a design in which each design decision was dominated by optimizing the right conditions for viewing the unique works. The decisive factor in the design decisions were the scale of the work in relation to the space and permitted lux requirements. By creating an offset of 3 meters throughout the Bodon hall, it became possible to introduce the human scale in niches for each work, with optimal daylight conditions. This allowed plenty of daylight from above in the rest of the exhibition space. The most important works of Van Eyck are centered in the museum hall in a circular space. As a canonization and light buffer for these masterpieces a mandorla hovers above the works in the ceiling.


Built out of waste materials by ex-detainees, the HAKA Recycle Office creates both ecological as well as social return on investment.


An historic farm, on the terrain of the formal Royal Dutch Explosive Factory in Ouderkerk on the Amstel is converted into a high-end restaurant.The 200 square meters extension houses the cocktail room, toilets and the staff room. The main volume of the farm building is entirely for the new restaurant. The interior plan for the farm building consists of a concept for the fixed components as well for the loose interior elements. The fixed components are elementary and minimal in form, in contrast to the interior elements that are luxuriously finished.


The floor plan usually provides the basis for the organisation of functions. When a dwelling is organized vertically, through different levels, the result can have a completely different character. Additionally, the functional spaces in this house are connected to the walls as opposed to the floors. This point of departure stems from the location. The space is an empty shell in an existing harbour building in Amsterdam- North. The closed front façade and back façades, the open side facades, roof lights and routing through the space determines the design. To emphasise the view on the forest as well as the harbour and to keep the spaces as open as possible, all supporting functions are treated as enclosed volumes.


Eline Strijkers judge for the Dezeen Awards 2019.

FEB '19
If you have a beneficial, innovative and beautiful project please look at the Dezeen website. Dezeen Awards identifies the world's best architecture, interiors and design, as well as the studios and the individual architects and designers producing the most outstanding work.

Prologis nominated for MIPIM 2019 category 'Best industrial&logistics development'

FEB '19
Created in 1991, the MIPIM Awards is an internationally-renowned real estate competition at MIPIM, the world's property market held from 12 to 15 March, 2019 in Cannes. It honours the most outstanding and accomplished projects, completed or yet to be built, around the world, the very best of the real estate industry. Architecture of Prologis project by Johan de Vries, Interior by DoepelStrijkers

start construction phase National monument Kamp Vught

JAN '19
Extension and refurbishment, exhibition space, museum shop, restaurant and offices

Happy holidays!

DEC '18
We are closing for the holiday's with a big milestone. On the 19th of December the highest point of the 'New Village' building in Arnhem was reached! This healthy building is designed from the inside-out with a user centered approach. The apartment building and innovation center will help train people with a disability to regain control of their lives. Happy Holidays everyone!

Architectuurconferentie ‘The Next Power of Dutch Architecture: A Change of Perspective’

NOV '18
21 november 2018 10.00 — 17.00 uur Architectuurconferentie ‘The Next Power of Dutch Architecture: A Change of Perspective’ Lezing Op 21 november 2018, van 10.00 uur tot 17.00 uur, is het Design Museum Den Bosch gastheer van de toekomstgerichte architectuurconferentie ‘The Next Power of Dutch Architecture: A Change of Perspective’, een project van ROAM foundation. Vijftien vooraanstaande vrouwen in de Nederlandse architectuur geven hun visie op de vraag: hoe overleven we, als mensheid en als planeet, in de komende eeuwen, wat is daarvoor nodig, en wat kunnen architectuur, stedenbouw en landschapsarchitectuur daaraan bijdragen? Sprekers: Riek Bakker, Caroline Bos, Elma van Boxel, Alessandra Covini, Ana Džokić, Adeola Enigbokan, Carlijn Kingma, Michelle Provoost, Aura Luz Melis, Arna Mačkić, Donna van Milligen Bielke, Eline Strijkers, Mechthild Stuhlmacher, Ekim Tan, Nathalie de Vries

nomination Prooff stand Frame awards Orgatec 2018

OCT '18
nomination; Best trade fair stand of the year

nomination Prooff stand Frame awards Orgatec 2018

OCT '18
Nomination; Best use of light

Prooff stand on Orgatec 2018 designed by DoepelStrijkers!

OCT '18
Curious? Read the interview about our collaboration with Prooff and the stand on the Prooff website! Stand Hall 10.1, Stand F-010 Location Orgatec at Koelnmesse, Cologne in Germany

First project of DoepelStrijkers in Madurodam, The Hague

JUN '18
Madurodam shows the smallest KPN store in the world! The design of all the new stores of KPN in the Netherlands is from DoepelStrijkers. The store is comprised of two main elements. A central object composed out of modular elements for seating, displaying smartphones, tablets, handsets and the latest gadgets and accessories; and the smart wall that is positioned around this object.

DoepelStrijkers designs WELL Interior for Prologis office and warehouse

JUN '18
DoepelStrijkers designs on behalf of Prologis, the leader in logistic real-estate world wide, a Circular WELL Interior for the office and distribution center of DC5 in Tilburg. The design is based on the by DoepelStrijkers developed Toolbox for circular well interiors. Together with the International WELL Building Institute, WELL AP M3e Groep, landscape architects Plein 06 and contractor Sprangers, the office designs in the architecture of Johan de Vries, a unique interiorpilot which showcases an innovative building standard aimed at raising wellbeing for the staff at distribution centers.

CIRCL interior published in 'de Architect'

MAR '18
CIRCL interior published in the march issue of 'de Architect'. To view the whole article, go to the publications section on our website.

Network event Circular Building Practice in Circl at the Zuidas

MAR '18
Wednesday the 11th of april 2018 Architectenweb organizes in cooperation with ABN AMRO a netwerk event about circular building in Circl at the Zuidas. Speakers are Petran van Heel (ABN AMRO), Peter van Assche (Bureau SLA), Barry van Waveren (reA), Sabrina van Dongen (Furnify), Chantal Vos (DoepelStrijkers) en Hans Hammink (de Architekten Cie.).

DoepelStrijkers designed extension museum National monument Kamp Vught

MAR '18
Publication Brabants Dagblad with an interview with the director of the museum Jeroen van den Eijnde.

Mini exhibition in Circl

JAN '18
Some of our models are now on display in Circl Amsterdam until February 2nd. Eight projects show eight sustainable design solutions. The exhibition was part of the talk 'Challenges of the Circular City, organized by ULI.

Additional capital for Dutch Windwheel development

JAN '18
On the 15th of January 2018 a working visit to The Green Village in Delft by State Secretary Mona Keijzer (Economic Affairs and Climate), deputy Adri Bom-Lemstra (South Holland) and MRDH board member Maarten Struijvenberg announced that the project Dutch Windwheel : 'Smart Spaces as a Service' receives financial support from the IPC Zuid-Holland. Over the next two years eleven SMEs will develop a smart, circular and flexible office, hotel and living space. Here, companies from the interior industry work together with technology companies that specialize in sensors and ICT.

Dutch Windwheel in 'Future' of tourist information leaflet

JAN '18
Dutch Windwheel included in the 'Rotterdam Architecture' tourist information leaflet


JAN '18
Great News to start 2018; FRAME AWARDS NOMINATED THE CIRCL INTERIOR ABN AMRO BY DOEPELSTRIJKERS IN CATEGORY SUSTAINABILITY. Selected from nearly 900 submissions, the Frame Awards 2018 nominees cover the spectrum of non-residential interiors and reveal the most cutting-edge designs across the globe.

Our proposal selected for CALL#2

DEC '17
Our proposal to make vulnerable neighbourhoods in Venlo more attractive is selected together with three others by Museum Bommel van Dam / Circular Art Lab Limburg. In the coming months we will continue developing our proposal, we're excited!

Deals am deich, now in Lufthansa Exclusive Magazine

NOV '17
Ellen Köhler made a portrait, together with photographer Dirk Bruniecki, of 4 Rotterdam based offices; Ellen van Loon, OMA, Nathalie de Vries, MVRDV, Eline Strijkers en Duzan Doepel, DoepelStrijkers en Daan Roosegaarde, Studio Roosegaarde.

NRC, 2017

SEP '17
An article about the ABN Amro CIRCL pavilion in Amsterdam with a flexible interior with endless spatial configurations. ABN AMRO wants to speed up the transition to a more sustainable society. They have built a circular pavilion: durable from foundation to roof and from design to operation. Artikel NRC

First students visit the Watershed pavilion on the Dakpark in M4H Rotterdam.

AUG '17
‪Our watershed pavilion, originally designed for the World Cities Expo Edinburgh 2016, presenting Rotterdam Climat adaptation strategies, gets A second life in Rotterdam on the 'dakpark' in M4H! Great initiative by the municipality of Rotterdam.

Circular interior 'Shifting Space' for ABN AMRO

AUG '17
Circular interior 'Shifting Space' for ABN AMRO with endless spatial configurations is now under construction! ABN AMRO wants to speed up the transition to a more sustainable society. They have built a circular pavilion: durable from foundation to roof

DoepelStrijkers has designed a 4500m2 residential building with wintergardens in Amsterdam for Pinnacle

JUL '17
The nine layered building, comprising of 40 apartments, is situated above an existing parking garage and falls under the master plan designed by MVRDV. The building is characterized by it’s stepped façade and winter gardens on the east and west facades. This flexible outdoor space functions as a climate zone, optimising its use the whole year round. 

Greendeal Dutch Windwheel

JUN '17
DoepelStrijkers signs Greendeal Dutch Windwheel with Dutch Windwheel Corporation (Bloc, Meijsters, DoepelStrijkers), Minister Kamp, Deputy Bom-Lemstra and Alderman Struijvenberg from Municipality of Rotterdam.

Secret Cinema Antwerp designed by DoepelStrijkers is now open to the public!

MAY '17
Together with Spacecreators we built the interior for the smallest cinema in Antwerp. Falconrui at the Schipperskwartier is the home base for Secret Cinema, a former warehouse with now a multifunctional space at ground level. Photography: Mark Brants

Partnership Dutch WindWheel

DEC '16
Partnership with innovation partners Dutch WindWheel has been signed. The Dutch Windwheel will use advanced, efficient technology solutions. Solutions that need to be further developed.