DoepelStrijkers is an interdisciplinary design studio for interior, architecture and strategic urban interventions.

Having successfully worked together as independent studios, we (architect Duzan Doepel and interior architect Eline Strijkers) established the office in 2007 and now work with a steady team of dynamic designers with different specialties. Our interdisciplinary approach allows us to work on a broad range of projects varying in scale and complexity and often leads to collaborations with artists and research institutes. Over the last decade our work has gained worldwide appreciation through numerous publications, exhibitions and awards.
What design can do
We are passionate about what design can do. Besides aesthetic value and user experience, we believe that good design should have a positive social and ecological impact. Over the last ten years we have developed concepts and realised projects from installations to large scale interiors, architecture and urban interventions in which these principles are integrated.
Integral sustainability
We believe that human health should be the primary indicator for measuring sustainability. In the search for creating healthy environments, in which people function better, related aspects such as material use and energy efficiency need to be equally considered. As a partner of Active House, we strive to find a balance between comfort, energy and the environmental impact in our work. > activehouse
Circular and inclusive
We work with a national network of businesses, research and educational institutes on concepts for the built environment based on the principles of a circular and inclusive economy. Closing city cycles (by reusing waste steams, for example, residual heat) is a key principle that we apply in relation to materials, water, waste, energy and food. Empowering people with poor employment prospects through training and education is a core value that we as a Circle City partner share.
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Our interdisciplinary approach and sustainable ambitions lead us to collaborate with research institutes and cutting edge companies on a regular basis. Bringing new concepts into practice requires an unconventional approach. Working with innovative process managers and public private sector funding, we create dynamic partnerships to translate ideas and concepts from paper to reality.
Open BIM
We work with open BIM software to create building information models to optimise the design and engineering process. These models can be used after the realisation of a project for operation and maintenance.